Version Control

In this article, we will discuss how Infinity's built-in version management features can help you easily compare chart or storyboard versions, and rollback and forward changes as desired.

Infinity makes it simple to compare one version of a chart/storyboard to another. At any point, you can restore a chart/storyboard to any of its prior versions, and even clone a specific version of a chart/storyboard to create a new one.

When a chart/storyboard is updated, you can add an annotation prior to saving the changes. To review the versions available, open the chart/storyboard of interest in edit mode and navigate to the Versions page.

The Versions page shows the following info:

  • Version # - auto-generated by Infinity; the highest version # represents the latest version

  • User - shows the author of the changes specific to a version #

  • Ticket - shows the JIRA ticket # associated with the changes (for Enterprise Plans only)

  • Comment - shows the annotation added by the version author

  • Date - shows when a specific version was created

The version comparison window opens up and provides the following info:

  • Version #s of the two versions being compared

  • DB Query section that enables comparison of the underlying SQL query differences between the two versions

  • UI Options section that enables comparison of the chart formatting differences between the two options

The comparison window shows the differences between the two versions. The text in green marks the changes on the baseline version of interest and the text in orange marks the changes on the other version.

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