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Inviting Colleagues

In this article, we will learn how an account owner or administrator can invite colleagues to Infinity.
The administration of users in Infinity is done at the team level, with users belonging to a team which has access to one or more workspaces. Multiple workspaces are only available to customers on the Enterprise plan.
In order to access the functionality described in this article, a user needs Admin or Owner access. If a user is a non-admin, then they will be unable to access the user management page.
Let's get looking at the steps to create a new user.
From any screen on Infinity, select the
icon from the top left navigation menu and select the
option to navigate to the Add User screen.
Enter user details (name, email) and select intended Infinity role for the user. Hit
button to complete the process and notify the user.
Please see the section on Role-Based Access Control to see a detailed description of each of the Infinity roles: Owner, Admin, Editor, and Viewer.
The Organization field is optional and is relevant for Enterprise customers as a partitioning mechanism to separate and establish a firewall between teams that are still part of the same workspace. A few examples would include customers using Organization to deliver multi-tenant experiences and/or logically distinguish between different divisions/subsidiaries within the same enterprise.