Interacting with Charts

In this article, we'll take a quick tour of the interactive chart features available out of the box within Infinity. So, let's dive right in!

There are three ways in which you can interact with a chart on Infinity:

Chart Filters

Chart filters, when configured at the time of chat creation, are displayed in the area immediately above the chart title.

If a chart has default filter values, those values will be shown directly on the filter field

Since we selected Consumer, Corporate, and Home Office as filter values, those are reflected in the filter field.

Quick Access Menu

The quick access menu can be viewed by simply hovering anywhere on the chart area.

Menu ItemPurpose

Share - select this option to share the chart with any authorized user. You can specify whether the user will have View Access or Edit Access. All users must have their own Infinity account.

Subscribe - select this option to subscribe to the chart. The subscription can deliver the chart to a group of users either based on a pre-determined schedule (or) based on specific data-driven event criteria that can be established by an administrator. The event based subscription feature is currently reserved for teams on the Infinity Enterprise plan.

Pin - select this option to pin the chart to your workspace, as previously covered in the accessing charts section.

Edit - select this option if you want to make changes to this chart. The edit feature is available only if you have edit access to the chart. If you have View Access, then this option wont be available.

Full Access Menu

Menu ItemPurpose

Make a copy - select this option to clone the current chart and edit as needed. You will need Edit Access to do this operation

Refresh - select this option to execute the underlying SQL query and refresh the data associated with this chart

Add to Favorites - select this option to save the chart to your Favorites page, as previously covered under accessing charts

Copy Link - select this option to get a link to the chart that can be sent via email to others. Recipients must have at least read access to the chart in order to view the chart

Download Excel (.xlsx) - select this option to download the chart data to an excel spreadsheet

Download Power Point (.pptx) - select this option to download the chart image to a power point slide. The chart download can be configured to render editable chart downloads. Please contact us at if you need help with this

Download PDF (.pdf) - select this option to download a pdf document with the chart image

Info - select this option to review any additional information that may have been made available by the chart creator

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