Creating Storyboards

In this article we will learn how to use Infinity's interactive storyboard builder to create a new dashboard, and then use configuration options to customize the end user experience.

Adding charts

To create the storyboard as intended above, we need to first add the four component charts. From any screen on Infinity, select the
icon from the top left navigation menu and select the
option to navigate to the New Storyboard screen.
First, name the storyboard and add a description to summarize the purpose of the storyboard.
Hit the
button to continue onto the next screen. Next, hit the
and then select the Add items in section option to start adding charts.

Arranging charts

Once the charts have been added, use the
feature to preview the storyboard.
  • To move a chart, you can click and drag the chart to the new location
  • To resize a chart, can use the horizontal and vertical size controls
Once you are satisfied with the storyboard, hit
to progress to the Options screen.

Configuring storyboard options

The Options screen has three sections:
  • Storyboard options - use this to hide charts with no data
  • Permissions - use this to give access to specific users and distribution lists
  • Custom Excel and PPT configuration - use this to configure the look and feel of excel and PPT storyboard downloads
Once the storyboard is configured as desired, hit the
to finish creating the storyboard.