Annotation Chart (ToDo)

In this article, we will explain how to create and customize a Annotation chart. So let's get started!

An annotation interactive timeline chart is a type of chart that visualizes a series of events or milestones over a period of time. It typically consists of a horizontal timeline with markers or events plotted along the timeline, and it allows users to add annotations or notes to the chart to provide additional context or information.

Here is an example of an Annotation chart with sample data. This chart shows a series of events that have occurred over a six-month period. The x-axis represents the date of the event, and the y-axis represents the event itself. The user can add annotations to the chart to provide additional context or information about the events. For example, the user might add an annotation to provide more details about the marketing campaign, or to highlight the impact of the sales increase on the company's revenue.

Sample data:

How-to build a line chart?

  1. Navigate to Add New Chart screen

  2. Configure and customize the chart to create the desired visualization.

Line chart configuration:

The configuration shown illustrates how to map the time period on the x axis and the profit and sales on the y axis to generate the line chart.

Line chart customization options

Infinity offers many customization options for your chart. To access these options, click on the customize tab in the chart builder screen. This will display a list of customization options.

Here is a list of notable customization options for the line chart.

Useful Tips:

  • Use a consistent scale for the y-axis to accurately compare data points

  • Consider using a legend to label multiple data series on the same chart

  • Use a clear and concise title to describe the data being displayed

  • Avoid cluttering the chart with too much data or unnecessary elements

  • Use a meaningful and appropriate time scale for the x-axis (e.g., days, weeks, months, years)

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