In this article, we will explain how to connect a PostgreSQL database to Infinity. So let's get started!

Let's start by selecting + Datasource - have a look at Connecting your data if you need help with this step.

...then select the Postgres option.

The Create Data Source window appears.

The Datasource Name field is the nickname you want to assign to this connection and is used for display within your workspace.

In the Database Name field, enter the exact name of the database that you are connecting to.

In the Hostname field, enter the host for the database connection — this can be expressed as an IP address or as a domain.

Next, in the Port field, enter the port number for the connection. If you do not have one, then use the default port number of 5432 for PostgreSQL.

In the Username and Password fields, enter the relevant credentials to connect to the database.

Save the Connection

To finalize the connection, just hit the Save button.

After your PostgreSQL database is successfully connected to Infinity, you can always select it from the Datasource page to make any changes or add additional configurations, as needed.

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