Accessing Charts

In this article, we'll explore the variety of ways in which you can access a chart previously created by you or shared by someone else with you.

The Infinity search bar is an intuitive typo-tolerant search engine that scans your workspace to find insights, no matter what the data source or who the author is. Simply type keywords in any order, and yes even with those pesky typos.

As you type, the search engine will tailor suggestions to match your search intent. Once you identify the chart or dashboard of interest, simply select that object to view the chart(s).


Use the "More" option to explore

Select from your recent chart history

Pin the chart to your workspace

Once the chart is pinned, you can simply select it from the homepage or the folder that you previously selected.

Retrieve from Favorites

When interacting with a chart that you might be interested in reviewing later, you can add the chart to your favorites folder. Once a chart is added as a favorite, you can navigate to My workspace > More > Favorites to access it quickly.

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